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Enterprise type
Proprietor Name
Patrick Wright
In business since 1979 – Patrick Wright has owned and managed the business since inception
VAT Status
The enterprise is registered for VAT
BEE Status
Level 4
Nature of business
General Building Repair Contractor specializing in the following:
Ceiling repairs and replacements.
Painting of buildings and associated structures and fixtures.
General building construction. 
Roof repairs, waterproofing & painting.
Drywalling Projects.
Damp proofing. 

The enterprise has been in business for over 30 years and holds the distinction of being the longest serving General Building Repair Contractor currently on the ABSA Insurance panel. It has been an approved contractor of this insurer and its forbearers since it was established.
Experienced owner and management supervision.
Its stable labour force.The enterprise has a permanent labour force with the majority of employees having been employed by the enterprise for over 5 years. This work force is usually structured into 8 teams attending to the various projects but, flexibility and experience of work flows enables management to further split this up into 12 teams.
Fleet of vehicles enabling teams to be transported to work sites and ensuring speedy delivery of materials.
The success of the business has enabled the owner to acquire premises to be dedicated exclusively to the business of the enterprise.
Computer based quoting and invoicing enabling the enterprise to deliver efficient levels of administration especially as it relates to insurance claims processing. 
Established lines of credit with suppliers including:
Alberton Hardware
(011) 907-2626
Forester Timbers and Board
(011) 908-5828
Alberton Steel and Pipe
(011) 907-6617
Lafarge Gypsum
(011) 389-4500

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